A bit about me. My first blog post :)

About me

First, Hi, I'm Tariana (Tari, for short). I make vegan soaps, bath bombs, and many other things...I love making things. I have 2 children, Charlie and Sophia, with my husband Scott. We also have a dog, Willowfur Jane (Willow), and 2 cats, Luna and Blaire. I love gardening and being outdoors when it's warm, especially near water. I love the Pacific Northwest because I have mountains in one direction, beaches in another direction, and the desert just a bit further off to the east. Plus, the view of Mt. Rainier from my kitchen window is breathtaking! 

I started making bath bombs because Scott bought me a gift set from Lush for Christmas and my daughter and I fell in love with them! I learned how to make them (of course) and started learning about soap, then candles, and deodorant, and more! My goal is to open an actual shop where I can expand to make more things. As of now, I work from my front room taking up about 130ish square feet.  I love working from home, but I'm so ready to move into a shop now! 

I am a mom of 2, which calls my attention more than anything, so on that note, I promised to play mermaid dolls with Sophia, so that's what we are going to go do. 

This blog will be a place to update new products and new ideas, so check back!


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