New packaging!

Some of you may have already noticed my new soap packaging...a paper bag and a sticker. There's a reason for this! To put it simply...the Earth. The bag and the sticker are 100% recyclable and made from recycled materials!

I was always hesitant about wrapping the soaps in plastic for obvious reasons and I also didn't like transporting them naked. They were messy and it broke down the soaps as they were being moved from market to market, so I needed another solution. 

Paper it is! Not just regular paper, recycled! I thought about cutting my soaps to a specific size and having a custom bloc made to form them. Ya know, like the fancy ones at the grocery. But that's way too much process for just me, so I opted for this approach instead. No, it's not as pretty as what you find at the grocery store, but rest assured knowing the packaging is 100% recycled materials and completely recyclable when you're finished with it. 

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