PNW Soap Co was founded in October of 2017 when I decided to make my kids some bath bombs. From there, I fell in love with the craft and started making soaps, scrubs, and other bath and body creations. I wanted my family and friends to have products to use that didn't contain chemicals that are harmful to the body, so I made it my business to provide them with just that! I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and we are ALL about living healthy and natural, which is why I make all my products with natural and safe synthetic ingredients. Also, my artisan soaps and bath bombs are plant based! 

I am always making new things, inspiration comes from everywhere! Most of the time I get customer recommendations, so I take those into consideration and run with them! Other times, I will have a need of my own and will work hard to formulate the right recipe to fit the needs of myself, my family, and my customers! So, if you think of something, let me know!